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In order to understand the role of SSD SOLUTION, it is important that we understand the principle of banknote security and cleaning. Secured banknotes are generally covered with anchors of different colors. We mainly have the bills covered with black, red, green and blue ink. It is an effective method to make the bills undetectable by the various systems of searches and detection.

The marking of the bills thus makes it possible to move easily with important sums of money without being made detectable. Apart from the ease of movement, many people with large amounts of money use banknote marking to prevent theft.

Once the bills are marked, it becomes very difficult to use them without an effective bill washing or cleaning solution. SSD Solution becomes indispensable to make the money reusable. It is also important to seek the help of experts, as there are chances that cleaning with the chemical, machine and powder SSD Solution will leave marks. Careful work is recommended.

Clearly, the ssd solution is chemical in nature and enables the removal of the various security substances that may cover the banknotes. Cleaning with the right ssd solutions prevents the bills from being bleached in the process. To make the cleaning process even more successful, the stripping process is combined with the activation powder. This operation, when done properly, restores the shine to the once ink-free banknote and makes it usable and reliable for all verification and authentication systems.
It is also important to know that banknotes are usually immaculate of different security layers: black carbon, red, green, yellow and many more.

The processing of banknotes is an area that deserves a lot of precision and rigor. That is why we wanted to bring you information that will allow you to better understand the principle of creation, security and cleaning of banknotes.  

As far as the multiplication of banknotes is concerned, there are today very sophisticated machines respecting all the standards in force, allowing to reproduce authentic banknotes without the slightest flaw. The originality of the duplicated banknotes allows for easy circulation and enables them to pass all advanced authentications.

Note that the sale of different types of local banknotes and currencies are becoming more and more common. To be sure that you are buying genuine banknotes it is important that you turn to professional solutions.

Now that you have a pretty clear idea of how to secure, clean and sell banknotes, we will without further ado present to you first the different cleaning solutions. The following section is quite important, as it will help you to know which solution to choose.


There are mainly three types of solutions for cleaning banknotes. We distinguish the chemical solutions ssd (ssd solution), the powders for activation, the machines for cleaning with mercury.
Several variants exist on the market for each type of solution listed above. It is important to be familiar with them.


Ssd automatic solution: ideal for a speedy and automatic cleaning of different banknotes, its composition is made to facilitate the stripping process. This solution is much more recommended, it requires less expertise in its use, but is quite expensive. Because of its ease of use, it is not uncommon to come across cheap products that can leave marks or reduce the normal colorimetry of the bills.

Ssd universal solution: although requiring a lot of rigor in its use, it is a cleaning solution guaranteeing amazing results whatever the coating on the bills. All substances present on the bills are easily removed.  Also very effective against immaculateness, after cleaning with this ssd solution, your banknotes return to normal and are ready to be used everywhere without any worries.

It is important to note that for each type of ssd solution: automatic or universal, they are available in several forms testifying to the quality of the additive components and the dosage of the main elements. Thus, we have SSD Solution, SSD Supreme and SSD Ultimate.


The action powder is one of the most widely used reactivation substances for stripping any kind of coating from banknotes. Whether it is black, green, red, etc., this powder fits the purpose.  A quality SSD powder allows for the cleaning of any type of banknote, without causing any damage to the banknotes.  EURO, DOLLARS, POUND, all notes will keep their prints intact and will be completely new once reactivated with SSD powder.
Among the types of reactivation powders we count the mercury in ink form or mercury powder which are also a category of ssd solution, and are very effective for the cleaning or stripping of the secured bills. This solution is recommended after a cleaning of very damaged bills. In these situations it is not uncommon to wind up with a couple unclear bills.


The 3D device makes your banknotes perfectly conditioned with an advanced laser cleaning. The different carbons regularly covering the banknotes are directly drained automatically. The results with modern cleaning machines are 100% reliable. The advantage of the laser is that it can penetrate the different covering layers. Perfect for separating even glued bills.

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SSD solution chemical formula: CH2C12 regularly certified in ISO 9001:2014 and EINECS 200-838-9. There are many people who would like to make their own bill cleaning solutions at home. The reasons could be for discretion.

Even if it is true that with a little experience it is possible to make an ssd solution at home, it requires that you have the different components in the majority of the rare cases, but also to have adequate fuels and container. The results are also very approximate.  

Chemicals for washing black, purple, red, etc. bills are more expensive compared to the ready-made solutions that many cash chemistry laboratories put on the market.  The manufacturing of SSD solutions will cost you more than if you were to opt for the highly effective SSD finished products available.


Many parameters come into play when purchasing an SSD cleaning solution, and thus it becomes difficult to determine the price. We will talk about the purity of the product, the volume in kilograms or liters depending on the nature of the SSD cleaning solution.

For power activation we are in a range of 33000 to 43500 US dollars, between 53800 and 105000 dollars for ZUTA S4 chemicals solution, 95000 to 144590 dollars for Vectrol Paste which is an SSD solution.  You will understand that prices vary according to the expertise of the laboratory in monetary chemistry, the quality of service provided for example during the analysis and the nature and quantity of SSD solution proposed.


Even if it is true that some individuals offer cleaning services that are sometimes convenient, many outsource to specialized laboratories. Several local and international laboratories exist and offer qualitative services.

It is very important to choose the right cash chemistry laboratory. It must provide a quality service: analysis of immaculate or damaged bills initially by accredited experts in cash chemistry. The cleaning devices must be sophisticated to guarantee optimal results. There are individuals offering cleaning services and solutions in several countries where the demand is high.

The price of the SSD solution in MOROCCO is affordable, but the specialists can be quite scarce. On the other hand, in countries such as Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Kazakhsta, Tunisia, there are little known local laboratories that operate in accordance with international standards. Also note that, to buy an SSD solution in Algeria, you must make sure to buy from individuals who have authorizations to sell sensitive chemicals in accordance with the latest ISO 9001:2014 standards.

If you choose a local solution for the purchase of SSD cleaning solutions, it is important that you have good communication with the supplier.

For a reliable international solution, our lab provides simple and effective cleaning solutions. Whether you have secure or damaged bills at your disposal, our team of experts is always available for advice and assistance.


SSD SOLUTION PRO is a state-of-the-art organization with the most recent working structures. We manage an assortment of items and administrations of various services and products such as SSD Solution, TTZ Universal Solution, Vectrol Paste, Activation Powder, Automated Money Developer Machines, Zuta S4, Congeal Chemical Melting Equipment and Counterfeit Notes. We provide these products and services to the advantage and demand of the customer. The cleaning of bills has become a daily job for us which we perform with expertise.

 We handle the cleaning jobs with skill and dedication, so that our customers never leave us in dissatisfaction. We have schemes for all kinds of banknotes and cash like USD, Euro, and more when it comes to cleaning. We are accessible with the best range of items and chemicals that can clean currencies from the root.

We have a group of experts who are well versed in the use of chemicals and powder for cleaning banknotes. In fact, even we have machines that can be used to clean money in bulk. With our organization, there is no compelling reason to worry about the quality of the work. We give our 100% in every task we receive and complete them without ignoring any subtleties.

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